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Interest in the past is an important element of our culture. This is evident from the flood of popular and scientific publications and documentaries. Historical research is an activity of many, both as a profession and as a hobby. A historical dimension is present everywhere, in our family, business, society.

Traces from the past of our modern society consist predominantly of texts and images on paper. Everything that occurred left paper documents. In spite of all digital aids it is still necessary to follow the paper trail, to search through the actual archival collections. This requires time, expertise and experience. The past is like a strange country where people did things in a different way and where nothing is self-evident.

Bureau De Facto is fascinated by this world and would like to be your guide. We have done extensive research in the Dutch archives and know our way around.

Searching for historical data is just one part of our work. We also investigate the authenticity of documents and of art on paper. The question 'is this really what it looks like?' is posed by everyone every day. We recognize something and ask ourselves questions about it. For historians this is the question of authenticity of a document, for collectors and art lovers it concerns the authenticity of a drawing or the first impression of a book.

Bureau De Facto wants to make a contribution towards answering the authenticity question within its specific field of competence: the authenticity of texts and images on paper.

Adriaan Kardinaal
Ellen van der Grijn